See the end of the supply lines in the photos. These are not threaded, so I guess this done by compression? I've used compression fittings before on 1/2 copper, but I've never seen this before on a supply line hose.

Do I just use one of the crimp rings and nut that typically comes with a 3/8" supply valve (with some pipe dope)?

Hansgrohe faucet

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    What do the instructions call for?? – JACK Jan 25 at 15:07
  • It's hard to tell without a closeup of the fittings, but I'd imagine that they go into some sort of matching fitting, provided with the faucet, that is screwed/soldered/crimped onto the supply lines. This allows you to make up the connection to the supply line, then drop the hoses through the hole & simply push to connect. Again, that's my guess. – FreeMan Jan 25 at 15:42
  • I think your best bet is to contact Hansgrohe - hansgrohe-usa.com/contact – Alaska Man Jan 25 at 19:47
  • Will reach out to Hansgrohe. I bought this on ebay, there were no instructions. I looked up instructions for the same model and it seemed to have a typical supply hose with a threaded 3/8 female at the end. So thinking maybe this is a European version or something? Serves me right I guess for trying to save money and shop ebay. – Bob Jan 26 at 13:59
  • I think some adapter(s) might be missing... – DAS Jan 27 at 6:12

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