How do I remove this type of screw? These are on the corners of a bed frame we are trying disassemble Inner insert removed

with inner screw

  • bottom picture ... insert phillips screwdriver ... turn clockwise – jsotola Jan 24 at 21:26
  • Doesn't work just tightens it – David Jan 24 at 21:30
  • 1
    It could be a driven in insert that is not designed to be removed. A hole is drilled and the insert has fins that help to hold it in the shoulder on the driven side keeps it from pulling through. – Ed Beal Jan 24 at 21:37
  • what's on the other side? – Jasen Jan 24 at 22:21
  • 1
    @David what happens if you turn counter-clockwise? – jsotola Jan 24 at 22:45

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