We had a 2-story extension built, complies with earthquake code in Oregon. It only has a sub-floor right now but the impact noise from the bedroom to the kitchen downstairs is shocking.

The final flooring will be engineered wood planks. We are putting down noise-impact underlayment with an IIC of 72, but we would have happily paid for a stronger construction.

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    "but we would have happily paid for a stronger construction." Thank You for let us know. Is there a question that you meant to ask? – Alaska Man Jan 24 at 22:09
  • learn to step lightly – jsotola Jan 24 at 22:47
  • Wearing soft footwear and learning to walk quietly - I weigh over 100kg but make less noise than some females who only weigh about half what I do... – Solar Mike Jan 25 at 5:09

Tip: speak to your contractor about spacing the joists closer together and put in blocking. Or anything else to reduce impact noise. The code is not good enough!!

  • accoustic insulation in the ceiling and thicker plaster may help too. – Jasen Jan 24 at 22:46

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