I'm finishing part of my garage as an in-law suite. The garage is 24x24 ft with an 18ft wide garage door. I want to keep the garage door operable and still use it for storage, which mean the finished space would be 12x24 ft. This makes the finished space really tight for everything I want to fit.

I want to bump into one part of the unfinished garage space to create a 7x9 ft spot for a bed and nightstand. I would use one existing wall but need 2 new ones. However, the ceiling of this bump in can't be attached to my existing ceiling because it would block the garage door. I have 8 ft from the floor to under the garage door support brackets.

Will the ceiling of the bump in be able to be supported by the 1, the existing and 2, the new walls?

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    If you want your bump out to be under the garage door motor and tracks then it will have a ceiling that is supported by the walls of the bump out. This will give you a floor to ceiling height in the bump out that is around 7 feet, give or take. I do not think it is good ideal to isolate the garage door motor/tracks so that service is difficult if not impossible. Is imperative to keep the garage door? Could some other kind of door/doors be used for access to the storage space? – Alaska Man Jan 24 at 0:29
  • Do you intend on storing/parking a car in this garage? It might be better to simply disconnect any door opener, and seal the garage door against draughts/rain. Or frame, insulate and clad the opening outside the garage door. Stuff always expands to fill the available space. – Criggie Jan 24 at 1:06

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