Let's say, hypothetically, that I bought one of those lighted, fogless mirrors like this which stick to the tile in your shower and chose a really bad location to mount it. How do I get it off? I thought it would pull off fairly easily, but it feels too stuck and I will just break it by pulling.

Also, if you all have any good recommendations for shower stall mirrors, I'd like to hear them, too.


Dental floss (bathroom handy) or fishing line. Wrap it around a couple of handles (toothbrushes also seem handy in a bathroom) and saw the thing free of the wall.

  • I did that. It worked surprisingly easy. But now there's a lot of residue. How do I get that off? – Jeff Jan 23 at 4:22
  • 2
    We could stay bathroom centric and use toothpaste, but you might get it off faster with shortening or vegetable oil from the kitchen. That's a guess, not a guarantee, but often works - depends on the adhesive residue. Shampoo or conditioner might also work? Or rubbing alcohol... – Ecnerwal Jan 23 at 4:27
  • 1
    I had some Goof Off. Sprayed that on and was able to slowly peel it off using my fingernail (still the best cleaning tool ever created). All done. – Jeff Jan 23 at 13:55

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