Have an existing ceiling fixture (pendant) that is wired to a switch. I'm interested in wiring another light to the same fixture, A simple track light like this one.

I understand that as per code, all connections need to be made inside a junction box. Trying to think of a creative way that I can wire this light (or a similar light) into the existing light on the ceiling while keeping the current pendant.

One thought was running conduit from the box, and then externally mounting another box for the new light. I-realize this is not a very elegant or aesthetic solution but that is not what most concerns me.

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You could use surface mounted box's and raceway.

You would need one box extension on the existing box, this will allow you mount your pendent and then run a raceway, containing the wiring, to a second surface mounted box.

The examples i linked to are all not the same brand, just examples to illustrate what i am talking about. If you go to the home centers electrical dept you will find a section containing these types of products in various brands, sizes and parts to allow you to configure any type of surface mounted raceway/box's.

Of coarse you will need wire, wire nuts, tools and the appropriate knowledge to work with electricity in order to do it safely.


That junction box looks like it sits below the ceiling ~2” with that space I would notch for a surface mount wireway square in shape or punch a hole for a 1/2” conduit and run to another surface mount box and suspend the pendant light from that, all the splices would be in boxes accessible and be code compliant.

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