I need to replace all of my interior door handles with new hardware that includes privacy locks for bathrooms and bedrooms. All doors are the correct thickness to accept standard US replacements (Schlage, Kwickset, Baldwin, etc).

The previous owner replaced two doors with 2-inch thick ones that are too thick for the standard American lock sets. I’ve seen a lot of thick door extension kits, but they seem to be designed for exterior lock sets only.

I’ve been able to find extremely expensive European-made sets, but the prices require a second mortgage.

Is it possible to extend a retail hardware store-grade interior privacy set to work on a thicker door?


So, this is a little out-of-line, as shopping advice goes stale fast out there in the world, but do this:

  • go to build.com and search "interior privacy lockset 2" door"
  • in the side column, headed "Narrow Your Results", under 'function', select privacy.
  • same column, under 'door thickness', select 2"
  • sort low to high price and you'll find an array of decent options

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