I am using amaron 880v inverter with 1500mah Tall tubular battery when I connect my laptop 130w charger then room lights are flickering then I checked with another laptop 90w charger then same lights flickering is happening if I connect my 130w laptop and 90w laptop with out inverter then lights are not flickering

I buyed last month only new inverter I am facing from the first day then I contact customer care then they sended technician but no use he said I can't find the issue so other technician will approach me

What I need to do now and what issue I was facing with inverter

How to solve the issue

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    Where are you on this planet even? Are these lights LED perchance? Jan 6 at 1:56
  • are the room lights somehow connected to the inverter?
    – jsotola
    Jan 6 at 2:14
  • How much does the battery weigh/weight? Jan 6 at 3:20
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    Yes lights are connected to inverter Jan 6 at 3:55
  • Some are led and non led lights Jan 6 at 3:55

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