Removed the outlet and the three connected neutral wires were insanely hot. Have an extension cord running a heater, could it be the draw or do I just need a new outlet?

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    Was the outlet itself hot? Was the neutral screw terminal on the outlet hot? What else is on this circuit? Is the wire big enough for the breaker? What possessed you to open up the receptacle, was the cord plug hot or burnt? Heater on an extension cord is bad, but it's NOT the cause of this here, so it should be disregarded for troubleshooting this. – Harper - Reinstate Monica Jan 1 at 20:06
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    Back stab outlet? Or were the wires attached to screws? Could also be a screwed up MWBC (multi wire branch circuit). I'm to the point where I hate MWBCs. – George Anderson Jan 1 at 20:10
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    I agree with George, heaters create warm wires with good conditions but backstabs or an incorrectly wired mwbc , even a loose wire nut can all cause the issues observed. – Ed Beal Jan 1 at 20:28
  • Get a pro. The issue might be in your panel, your wiring, your appliance... While we here are nice and helpful, there's nothing like a set of experienced eyes looking at the big picture. – Aloysius Defenestrate Jan 1 at 21:01

No, normal heating will not scorch the insulation and certainly won't make an glowing connection. I'd definitely disconnect that space heater before a fire starts and you probably ought to turn off that breaker to be safe. Get it checked out, it could be nothing more than a loose connection, it could be something more complicated.

  • Would i start by changing all of the outlets and redoing the connections? Or check every switch and outlet on that circuit first for bad connections? – Steven Morgan Jan 1 at 20:13
  • Well usually a glowing connection is (almost literally) a red flag but if it's more complicated than that, you could (again literally) be playing with fire so maybe this is one to call in a professional. – batsplatsterson Jan 1 at 20:18

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