I would like to replace carpet in a hallway with tile. The carpet extends into multiple living spaces. I can do all the transition strips except for one that has me flummoxed.

The transition strip must somehow navigate the base of a wrought iron railing system and the top of a stairwell.

Here are some pictures: enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

Here's a diagram:

enter image description here

Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • will the stairwell be tile or carpet? You can always bring the transition back to the wall and have the top of the stairwell be carpet still – redlude97 Dec 31 '20 at 18:48
  • The stairs will remain carpeted for now. I think I understand...leave a foot or a few inches of carpet on landing before the stairs? I hadn't thought of that...but that's part of the worn carpet I want to replace. Good thought though! – Steve Wellens Jan 1 at 5:38
  • All the way back to the corner of the wall for the transition for the cleanest look. You could always patch a square using some of the carpet from the hallway if that area is less worn – redlude97 Jan 1 at 8:29
  • The wall isn't the problem, it's getting the tiles to the stairs and under/around/through the railing base. Also, a strip of carpet in front of the stairs could be a tripping hazard. – Steve Wellens Jan 1 at 15:58

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