I'm trying to run baseboard, chair rail, and faux wainscoting up a staircase and I don't know how to make my miter cut on the angled wall partway up the staircase.

I've tried setting the miter to 30 degrees and the bevel to 22.5 degrees, but that's not working correctly.

Do I need a transition piece?

Or, what angles should the saw be set to?

enter image description here

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    Welcome to compound angles....
    – Ecnerwal
    Dec 29 '20 at 22:48
  • I'm certainly no expert, by you may need 22.5° the other direction.
    – FreeMan
    Dec 30 '20 at 1:39
  • What's the profile of the molding? How is it done at the stairs? Unless there is no skirt board....
    – Jack
    Dec 30 '20 at 2:56

If the molding has any thickness to it, yes you will need to make a level transition to get the surfaces to line up properly.

Here is a little insight on doing the same thing with a handrail, on an outside splayed corner.

How to make Handrail Transitions with Rotation?

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