My lamp has a label on it that says Max 6.5w 120v 60hz, but I have bulb that I wanted to use that is 9w LED. The bulb that was in there before was also an LED 6.5w.

Would I be able to use a 9w LED bulb in this lamp or would it be too risky?


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Well, it's not likely to set the lamp on fire. That used to be the concern with people over-lamping incandescent fixtures; you'd see a ceiling light with scorched wires and a now-brown "60 watt max" sticker - they had used 100W bulbs there.

The issue with LEDs is the ability of the LED to cool itself. Unlike incandescents which are deliriously happy inside an oven... LEDs are electronics, like a CPU or video card, and need to keep inside a working operating temperature.

The manufacturer is probably concerned there isn't enough airflow around the bulb to keep a larger LED cool, and that will cause premature failure of the LED. (like the way you could fry a CPU if the heat sink got loose, though today, they just downclock to a crawl). LED lights lack the sophistication to "down-clock" aka "dim", because that costs money, so they just burn out.

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