I am VERY green too DIY work but I am trying to learn :)

I am trying to install new sink faucets and I am stuck on removing my old handles. The image below is from under the sink.

I cant reach the nuts that attach the handles to the sink and the little pipe sticking out the side of these make it so I cannot use the EZ Change Faucet tool. Not to mention these are too big to fit in there anyway.

I am hoping for some suggestion on how to get these off!

Full size Image: https://i.sstatic.net/iiVZY.jpg

enter image description here

edit: i have a basin wrench but it does not fit around the nut because the sink and the wood frame are too close to the nut. is my only option breaking it?

  • loosen the nut all the way to the black plastic ... then lift up the threaded tube ... there may be a clip or a screw at the top end
    – jsotola
    Dec 13, 2020 at 18:31
  • I cant reach that nut on top to loosen it. It is in a recessed spot making it impossible to reach with any tool that i have. any recommendations? thanks so much @jsotola
    – D3l_Gato
    Dec 13, 2020 at 18:36
  • take the picture to your local plumbing store, or a tool rental place, and ask for a tool ....
    – jsotola
    Dec 13, 2020 at 18:42
  • 2
    A basin wrench is what you need to reach those nuts. lowes.com/pd/IRWIN-11-in-Basin-Wrench/1000668439 - a new and improved basin wrench mechanical-hub.com/ridgid-basin-wrench
    – Alaska Man
    Dec 13, 2020 at 19:09
  • 1
    @AloysiusDefenestrate I have taken apart as much of the top as I can, I dont see any more nuts.
    – D3l_Gato
    Dec 13, 2020 at 19:51

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If the space is too tight to get a basin wrench in then it's possible that the plumber installed the faucet onto the basin before the bowl was put into place. After all, it's much easier to work on top of the cabinet than it is to work underneath.

You may want to look into removing the counter top from the cabinet, or the basin from the counter top to get at removing this.


I've used vise grips with great success when dealing with similar problems like yours. Once the nut is loose it can be hand spun off. If the faucet is going to the trash the nut can be cut, but as a last resort. If you do decide to cut start below the nut but above the cross/supply piece (?). Once that is removed use a deep socket to unscrew the nut (15/16ths ?).

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