I picked up a Yamaha htr-3064 from good will for $14.99. Seamed like quite the steal. Back of the unit says it can take 6 or 8ohms speakers. I had also picked up a pair of Tandy Realistic tower speakers, said 8ohms max. Looked good, mesh was intact and cones were clean. So i hooked them up to the bannana plugs and i had no sound, no crackle or pop. After the fact i opened the speakers up and 1 had noticable charing on a wire going to the cone and no continuity. I then hooked my multimeter to the outputs on the receiver and could hear the music theme from my Playstation. The volume is at -33.5 to hear the start of the beat and around -29 for vocals and other instruments. With distortion and buzzing of the multimeter of course.

If i hear music from my multimeter would that mean my reciever is fine?

What would be the proper way to test that the reciever is not the one to blame?

  • This will likely be closed, as small appliance repair seems to be off topic. Are you sure the speakers were functional before you plugged them in, or was that wire shot when you bought it?
    – FreeMan
    Commented Nov 29, 2020 at 14:16

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Generic advice: test the speakers on a known functional system. Test the receiver with speakers known to be functional.

My suspicion is that the speakers are toast.


assuming you connected an analogue multimeter (the kind with a moving pointer) to the speaker terminals.. if you hear sound from the needle that's a good sign.

if the meter shows no DC voltage (juat music wiggles around zero) that's another good sign.

repeat the tests with 8 (ish) ohm load (eg a hairdryer) in parallel with the meter. if they pass again your receiver is probably good.

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