Current subpanel was installed in the early 70s. We think we need to replace it as lights are not working (very dim, flickering/fading in/out) - we suspect an open neutral.

How do we wire in a new panel? We have a 3-wire feeder. Ground/neutral is the same bus on the subpanel currently. Do we need grounding rods? Bonded ground & neutral?

Subpanel is probably 200 feet away, separate building (barn), no other metallic items connecting it to main building.

Other results from here/around the web are confusing me.

Edit: It is a 3-wire feeder with a bare stranded neutral. There is no ground, but we plan to place a grounding rod. I know, or think I know, that not to bond if it was a 4-wire feeder. We will measure voltage when we get a chance, sorry.

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    If neutral is out, that must be resolved for safety. What voltage do you get on each circuit? If neutral is out, likely to be at an end and not that the wire needs to be replaced. Sounds like you have a 3 wire service feeder - those can have bare stranded neutral but normally used for a subpanel. – manassehkatz-Moving 2 Codidact Nov 24 '20 at 6:19
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    Can you measure the voltages on each leg of the incoming feeder to the subpanel please? This sounds like a busted neutral in the overhead feeder...also, can you post a photo of said overhead wiring? – ThreePhaseEel Nov 24 '20 at 12:36
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    Pictures, pictures, pictures! Take pics of the main panel, the sub panel, all the labels on the sub panel. Pics of the wiring where you think it was broken then repaired. Pics with the covers on and with the covers off. Nice, clear, focused pics, then edit them into your question. Drag the pics into the question, or use the "sun & mountain" icon to browse to them - the site will upload them to their own hosting service & embed the pics in the question for you. – FreeMan Nov 24 '20 at 13:16
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    Troy, replacing a subpanel probably will not fix your underlying problem which you should identify before buying anything. While I'm strongly in favor of people having really big panels so you never run out of spaces (spaces are dirt cheap), I have no interest in tricking you into doing that by pretending it'll solve a problem it won't solve, or forcing you to spend crazy money to do it. I want you to spend $30 more, not $300 lol. – Harper - Reinstate Monica Nov 24 '20 at 20:02
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    I did an edit to focus it enough to meet our rules - a few distant questions went away. Please edit in pics -- by the way it really helps to [register] your account to an email/password, or tie it to Facebook or Google account. That will assure you can continue to interact as the question owner, and allows you to log in via other devices (e.g. the phone you'd take the pix with lol). – Harper - Reinstate Monica Nov 24 '20 at 20:09

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