I have some fairly large DeWalt 18V batteries, which run, e.g. my Cordless LawnMower.

I imagine that they'd also run my Corded tools, at least for a while, if I could connect them up.

But I can't find any such DeWalt product :( And I don't know what term to search. All I find when I do searches is products designed to allow the opposite - running a battery tool from the mains.

Do these products exist? and if so what keywords should I be searching for?

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    Inverter is the word you can search for.
    – Solar Mike
    Nov 21 '20 at 17:35

Not sure product recommendations are on-topic here, but DeWalt does make a 20V Flexvolt series product called the Portable Power Station DCB1800 which can supply 120VAC @ 15A. It also functions as a charger for your batteries. It's not cheap, though.

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