I have a light in my workroom which I want to run some LED strip lights off of. I was going to use a simple light socket to outlet adapter and plug them in, but I just found out they need a ground plug. Is it ok (and up to code) to wire a receptacle in the ceiling using a new wire out of the light fixture using 14/2 wiring? I would assume this is running off of a 15 Amp breaker already, but I suppose I should check. enter image description here


Yes, you can do that.

However, one possible catch is GFCI.

Generally speaking, GFCI is now required in many areas, including unfinished basements, workrooms, etc. GFCI is, in most cases, not required for permanently installed lighting fixtures. In addition, GFCI, when used, has to be accessible - not in a receptacle in the ceiling.

Assuming you need GFCI for a receptacle in this room (which is likely but not an absolute), and assuming the circuit is not already GFCI-protected (which is likely the case - lighting circuits are not usually GFCI-protected), that leaves three options:

  • Install GFCI protection at the breaker or someplace earlier in the circuit.
  • Install a receptacle but within reach (i.e., on a wall in the first 6', rather than in the ceiling) and put GFCI there.
  • Use hardwired (permanently installed) lighting instead of plug-in lighting.
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    I "May" be ok here. This room is drywalled, and will have flooring installed in it too. I will be doing a variety of different thing in this room and it is also the only room in the basement without a finished ceiling. I guess it depends on how you interpret the "Finished" word in the code. – David Nov 10 '20 at 15:55

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