I have a GE portable air conditioner like the one shown below and am trying to determine whether there exists (OEM or otherwise) a HEPA air filter I can install in/on this device. I am unable to locate anything from GE's accessories page, so perhaps there are some aftermarket solutions someone is aware of?

My rationale to utilize this air conditioner for filtering, as opposed to buying a separete HEPA filter, is to potentially save on the cost associated with an outright HEPA filter and leverage my existing air conditioner instead.

image credit: https://www.geapplianceparts.com/store/parts/assembly/APCA08NYLWN1?ModelType=ModelType

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    you can make a darn effective filter with a box fan (on sale this time of year) and a hepa furnace filter that fits the face. Attach the filter to the fan. The whole thing can be $20-$40usd.
    – dandavis
    Commented Oct 25, 2020 at 20:17

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A HEPA filter would be far too restrictive for a portable air conditioner. Use only the filters that are specified for the a/c. If you want to HEPA filter the indoor air, then use a separate device designed to do that.

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