Laying laminate over a subfloor. Refer diagram - A. Is short passageway after bottom of stairs landing. B is bathroom. My assumption is to start at B and work out the door to the passageway and then backwards to A, just because probably easier to work backwards with a smaller workspace?

EDIT - I can’t start at the bottom as I have another doorway/room which is occupied. the intent is to complete the space in the diagram and move everything over and work on the other room.

enter image description here

  • where can you start? A and B are not good places to start. – Jasen Oct 4 at 2:52

start against the longest edge, that would be the bottom of the diagram.

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  • I should have told the whole story. I’ be edited above. I have another room which is occupied, so I have to start at the top of the diagram and work down. – Tchai Quentin Oct 3 at 22:54

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