We had a new bathroom installed a few years ago. It has four LED downlight and, over time, the lights have all burned out. I replaced one of the lights a few years ago, but can't remember what type of light I bought. As I recall, the light came with a bezel and mounting hardware and various other bits, none of which I needed. It seemed like a huge waste.

The light fixture has numbers on it (10w WW 36°) as does the cable, but nothing that I've been able to use to find a replacement.

The lights are on the bathroom ceiling and are recessed, with a small chrome bezel. Two of them are near - if not above - the shower. I assume they need to be IP65. We are in the UK. I went to Screwfix today but they were not able to help me - they couldn't show me any lights, I had to buy them and return them (Covid restrictions). I have also googled this extensively but I have not seen any lights like this.

I would like to know what type of light this is - what I need to buy, and whether or not every time I buy one of these it will come with all the extra stuff that I don't need. Also - is it possible to buy one where the bulb itself can be replaced (say a GU10 or whatever)?


Bathroom LED Downlight


This is what I ended up using. I got them at a store in the UK called ToolStation.

IP65 Downlight

Here are the contents of the box. The only thing I needed was the light itself (lower left); all of the other stuff is waste.
enter image description here

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