I need to run some network cabling for a camera but I’m very close to a corner and I don’t want to do more damage than good. It’s very tight so I can’t get there in the attic, but if I could drill up through, I have fish tape and rods to get it where I need it. front view

closer look

  • so, what exactly are you asking? – jsotola Sep 20 at 6:09

Well if you are asking if it can be done the answer is yes. To have the best chance of success move ~1-1/2 inch away from the wall left or right so you don’t hit a rafter or joist and close to the exterior siding. When I do this I drill at an angle , it hits the top plate the way I drill but makes the pull easier and not as sharp of a bend on the cable coming out and following the wall to soffit can look like fat calking after painted if trying to hide the cable.

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  • Sorry if my question wasn’t clear. I’m trying to drill up into the corner (or close to it) of the soffit into the attic. This “valley” at the front is extremely tight and shallow, so I can’t get anywhere near it in the attic. If this was going through any other straight run of the soffit I could do it in a flash, but the cam needs to go in the corner I indicated by arrow. My biggest obstacle is that I don’t know what I’m going through to get there. I generally know that there are valley and jack rafters, but I don’t want to drill blindly and do damage. Looking for beat practice to drill there. – William Richardson Sep 20 at 14:09

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