I hired a contractor who made a big mistake. He installed a ceramic floor onto 1"inch cement board (that is screw into welded beam constructed subfloor). He did not use thin set or tape over the seams in the cement board. I was able to take out all the ceramic pieces however the mortar is completely glued to the cement board. It would take a month to take out the mortar. I see small cracks in the mortar where the cement board seams are.

What would be the best way to reinstall the ceramic without have to spend a month or more chipping away the mortar?

  • Wow no you need a better base than 1” cement board or the same thing will happen again. A tile chipper a flat blade on a shovel handle will take the grout lines out in minutes, but I think you need to eliminate the flex , lack of tape at a seam with tile over it would not be a problem if there was no flex. – Ed Beal Sep 17 '20 at 1:32

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