This stuff was used at some point to fill gaps around a threshold in our house. Could it be asbestos?

enter image description here

enter image description here


Looks like concrete fill (a gypsum fiberglass product). As Ecnerwal stated you can't really be sure without sending it to the lab. Usually affordable ~$50 to test a sample. Bag it, drop it off and wait for the results for piece of mind.


Almost anything "could be asbestos" and without lab testing you don't know.

That eyeballs to be Homosote®, a soft cellulose sheet product (can be used as an inexpensive bulletin board - tacks go in easily) as opposed to the more common hard asbestos-cement boards, but it "could" be some softer grade of asbestos for insulation purposes. Or it may be harder or softer than it looks in a picture.

What's the history of the house?


It could be Cellulose* insulation someone packed into the crevices.

*Shredded paper made to be fire proof.

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