Do most modern freezers have a "failsafe" of some kind to keep the compressor from cycling too quickly? I want to connect my freezer to an external thermostat and I have been advised that this can kill the compressor if the freezer does not have "compressor delay."

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    Is there something about your freezers thermostat that you don’t trust it and want to bypass it by using an external thermostat? – Alaska Man Sep 11 at 7:01
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    We would need the model number to know for sure. Where I have seen delays is on fridge with electronic controls . If you just have a rotary dial it probably doesn’t have a delay but make sure you have a dead band adjustment (you don’t want it to be turning on and off in less than a minute 3 minutes is better. – Ed Beal Sep 11 at 14:59
  • Thanks! I'm interested in the Avanti CF24Q0W, mostly. – capet Sep 11 at 15:54
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    Without extra electronics you want to avoid the one bad situation: turning on the compressor when it has been running recently. I killed one leaving it on a power supply which switched a lot as it was running on "surplus" power from a solar system. – Polypipe Wrangler Sep 12 at 6:26
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    Your new controller,,, if you turn on at one temp then turn off -1 or even -4 the system can turn in and off two often so most controllers have PID loops or Dead band that keeps the compressor from cycling on off two often most of the energy star compressors are small compared to when I first started with R12 , the compressors are sized to run longer and or at a variable speed because starting is the highest energy draw 3-5 x is normal starting current but I have measured over 8x for a few seconds so keeping the system running longer with less starts extends the compressor life and reduces $ – Ed Beal Sep 13 at 2:30

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