I have a three-gang box and wish to take out one switch and add a double switch, eliminating one switch. I'd like to use the space of the eliminated switch for a outlet. There is already a GFCI in this bathroom. The neutrals are all together on one circuit.

How do I use the hot wires to connect all of the switches and outlet? By the way, one other switch will remain for the fan.

enter image description here

  • Have you determined which black is your incoming hot? The rest are jumpers to other switches and returns to the light. You need to identify the source cable. – isherwood Sep 9 at 20:56
  • Yes, I did. Now I am thinking connect the hot to the double switch, black screw, then connect the othe black(s) to the brass screw. The hot went to the fan. Or, do I pig tail the hot from the fan to the black double switch screw? – Michael Fella Sep 9 at 21:03
  • By the way this circuit is connected to my basement lights. – Michael Fella Sep 9 at 21:04

It's likely that you have this scenario. You'd just connect the hot and neutral to the new outlet, and pigtail to the various switches. Blacks go out from the switches to the light or fan, and whites return to the neutral bundle.

enter image description here

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