I recently moved into my home built in 1967. I have 2 non-working fireplaces, one which is gas and not connected and one which is sealed, and one "working" buck stove. All are very clean!

I want to unseal my living room fireplace, and have it working again as a wood burning fireplace. By unsealing the living fireplace can this fireplace use the same flu as the buck stove currently uses? If this is not possible, what must be done to get this living room fireplace working again? Also, if my options are to remove the buck stove to get the living room fireplace working then that will be done as well.

Can you advise me?

  • Inclined to think no, but will need pictures and measurements: the quality of the draught (and therefore fire working ability and safety) is a function of air flux through the flue. The tiniest differences in pressure can have big effects. – bishop Sep 9 at 4:43

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