The exterior of my house is made of frame hardboard. My wife says that I should not use it as a tennis wall because tennis size hail are known to damage the siding and therefore a tennis ball would damage it too if I hit the wall with the ball too many times. I say the material/object properties of ice and a hollow rubber ball are very different, particularly the coefficient of restitution. But I don't have any hard evidence that bouncing the tennis ball off the siding over many months won't do any damage to the siding. Any pointers? Thanks.


Hitting a tennis ball hard against "hardboard" siding would be expected at the very least to damage the paint and perhaps breakdown the siding over time.

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    I don’t think the siding would last long at all. I like hardboard siding but it is very brittle the flex will not be good as the fasteners will quickly start to abrade the hard board material. – Ed Beal Sep 6 '20 at 19:26

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