I have a fairly hefty wooden calendar 2.5kg (5.5lbs). It has two hanging key slots in the back to hang it from. The keys are about 5mm wide on the narrow bit with a depth of 10mm.

I want to hang on my wall which is breeze block with about 15mm plasterboard over it.

I'm not useless with DIY and will be able to hang it myself, but I just don't know what hardware I need to put in the wall with the mix of materials etc...

Hope you will be able to help/advise.


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That's a light enough object that standard hollow-wall anchors (plastic plugs) should work fine. They'll do the job whether or not you hit a portion of the breeze block behind the wallboard.

  • Carefully locate the mounting points on the wall.
  • Drill for your plugs--usually 1/4" or 5/16". Note that hitting the block will severely dull your bit. You may want to use masonry bits for that part.
  • Insert the plugs and then insert appropriately sized screws.

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