I have a faulty phone wall socket which I think needs replacing. I am not very familiar with this type of technology so I don't know what I need. I have attached a pic of the one I have now. The problem is that the wire going into it doesn't click in to place, it sort of comes back out naturally. It was held in by a big wooden speaker but that no longer seems to work. I can get a dial tone if I push it in with all my force but that's not really a suitable solution. Any help is much appreciated. enter image description here

  • Where in the world are you? And can you photo the cord that plugged in? It is possible that the latch on the cord broke off, and you need to replace the cord, not the jack.
    – DaveM
    Aug 28 '20 at 2:00
  • Yes, where are you on this planet? Aug 28 '20 at 3:34
  • That's a BT phone Jack with a British Telecom logo, so somewhere in the British isles is a fair bet.
    – Jasen
    Aug 28 '20 at 5:22
  • we use those in NZ too, but I think the wiring practice mat be different here.
    – Jasen
    Aug 28 '20 at 5:23
  • @DaveM I am in the UK (England). I tried many different wired going into it. All of them worked when held in place by my hand. This makes me think it's the socket? I'm confused by all the wires and shit. I unscrewed the face plate leaving the internal wires alone, plugged my telephone wire into the face plate and picked up my phone to hear if there was a dial tone. There was when I held the wire into the wall with my hand. I did this because I thought there might be something behind the face plate pushing against the cable therefore pushing it out but there was no evidence of this. Aug 30 '20 at 23:53

If it's your only socket it should be a master and replaceable with an Openreach Linebox.



Note - if you do want Openreach to replace it for you, you'll have to book that through your phone provider (whether that's BT, Talktalk, Sky, Plusnet etc) as Openreach don't deal with consumers.

If it's an extension socket, just replace it with a LJU 2/3A.


For that you will need an IDC insertion tool (included by that seller)

Details on UK telephone wiring (and how to tell the difference between master and extension sockets) http://www.rob-r.co.uk/other/UKphonecatwiring.htm

  • I'm with EE broadband but I was with BT for like 20 something years before I switched. I might be looking to switch again soon. Would the socket be changed anyway if they come to install fibre optic? Aug 30 '20 at 23:56
  • No, because Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC or Superfast) is customer-installed by you plugging in the modem into the phone socket. Only if you get Fibre to the Home (FTTH or Ultrafast) will you get an engineer visit, and they'll do the fibre installation and not necessarily touch the copper wire.
    – Owain
    Aug 31 '20 at 16:29

Jusdging by the circle-T logo I think that's a master socket, in which case it's British Telecoms problem not yours. call BT and tell them your phone socket is malfunctioning. they'll send out a technician to replace it for you.

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