I am having my kitchen redone and during demolition, a pipe comes loose and I get water damage in my basement. The contractor fixed the damages and is working on the kitchen now. In the basement ceiling, they did not leave me a lot of room to reach the water shutoff valve to the outdoor faucet. I could nag them to make a bigger hole and put a door in, but is that what it is called? Should I ask for a closeable door or is there a better way to describe it?

I think I could do this myself in an hour. Do I just need a tool for cutting a bigger hole in the drywall and some kind of door? Let me know what I would need to DIY. I would rather them continue working on the kitchen and just knock this out during the weekend.

enter image description here


Access door or access panel.

You can buy them in various sizes off the shelf, order more sizes, or do it completely DIY by building a frame around a chunk of drywall (or plywood) with screws if you don't access it often, or with hinges and a latch if you need easier access.

The bought ones may be plastic or metal.

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