I have this Cata B-Plus extractor fan in my bathroom:

extractor fan

It's connected to the light switch and it stopped working. I want to take the cover off and remove all the dust. If I yank on the cover I can see that it is separating from the unit inside the wall but I can't get it off. What's the trick to getting this thing off? It's on the wall not the ceiling.


Just pull it outward about 1" (2-3cm). There will likely be a long V-spring on each of two opposing sides that you'll need to disengage from some slots, often by squeezing the legs together.

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  • Thank you. I fixed it. I took the cover off add gave the fan a little nudge. – Ryan Aug 19 at 16:40
  • Good deal. While you're in there, clean all the gunk off the blades. They get so crudded up that they resemble chicken drumsticks more than a fan. – isherwood Aug 19 at 18:18

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