my mid 1980,s stanley garage opener problem started when the 2 motor mounting bolts came out and the motor hung from gearbox when door opened - door completely opened but would not close - i replaced mounting bolts but motor does not run even with chain removed. when closer button is pressed, i hear faint hum but no attempt from motor to run - after approx 10 seconds ,clicking sound starts as if door is obstructed. any diag appreciated

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    Is "get a new opener" in the cards, given that that opener gave 35 years of service, and also likely won't be serviceable as it doesn't meet current UL safety standards for garage door openers? – ThreePhaseEel Aug 8 '20 at 2:00
  • It is likely that the motor burned out, or got zapped by a nearby lightning strike. 35 years is a good lifespan. – IronEagle Aug 8 '20 at 4:51

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