I'm replacing my subpanel at home. My jurisdiction adopts NEC 2017.

  • When replacing a subpanel, is it required to have CAFCI on all circuit breakers for all 120V circuits?
  • When replacing a subpanel, is it required to have GFCI on all kitchen, bath, garage, etc 120/240V circuits?

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It really depends what you're starting with, and what else is part of the scope of work.

If the scope of work is "replace subpanel" for a good reason, e.g. to get more spaces, dangerous (Zinsco), or obsolete (Pushmatic)... that does not trigger a requirement to upgrade breakers to AFCI or GFCI. So you can simply stay with the same breaker types as you have now.

If it's part of something bigger, like a renovation, then you may be required to update to current-Code breakers for those circuits that are part of the renovation.

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