I have a countertop dishwasher that needs to be hooked into my faucet, but the major obstacle is that my faucet is a pull-out spray head. I can pop the bottom of the spray head off to reveal the aerator underneath and I've purchased an adapter to try to connect the faucet aerator to the to dishwasher water intake, but the adapter doesn't fit into faucet aerator and I've been struggling to figure out the sizing to find a smaller version. Any guidance on parts, sizing, and assembly for a viable connection would be much appreciated.

But more generally it would be great to have more advice about the best way to solve this problem generally. I read this blog post with one suggestion, but it just seems to janky too be practical. Any other suggestions?

Countertop Dishwasher: Dishwasher

Pull-Out Spray Head Faucet: Pull-Out Spray Head Faucet

The pull down head with the black top taken off:

The other side of the black top that screws into the head plus a washer that sits in between:

Water Connection into Dishwasher: Water Connection into Dishwasher Water Connection into Dishwasher

Aerator that came with Dishwasher: Aerator that came with Dishwasher

Adapter in Dishwasher Hookup (15/16"-27 outside threads + 55/64"-27 inside threads): Adapter in Dishwasher Hookup

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    With plumbing sometimes you end up with janky solutions. Surprising that nobody offers an adapter. – Platinum Goose Aug 6 '20 at 2:47
  • It would be good to edit in the suggestion from "this one article" in case the link dies. – FreeMan Apr 2 at 13:14

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