Close up of spout logoThe diverter in this tub spout isn't functioning properly and I think it needs to be replaced.

I've read about different styles of tub spouts, but am not sure which style this one is. The smaller hole near the end of the spout is threaded, so maybe a set screw is supposed to go there, but no set screw is currently in place and something is still hold the tub spout in place.

I've tried shining a flash light into the larger hole (near the wall, with a rounded edge) and don't see a set screw. I've tried applying pressure to rotate the spout in case this is actually a threaded spout, but was not able to unscrew the spout and was concerned applying additional pressure would damage the pipe the spout is connected to.

This tub spout is in a home that was built in 1973 in the mid-western United States.

Any suggestions on how I may be able to identify what style spout this is, or how to remove it safely?

photo of bottom of tub spout

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    Nearly all of them just thread out of the fitting in the wall. Try turning the entire thing CCW. – isherwood Jul 29 at 18:05
  • That's a view one doesn't normally see of a tub spout... :D Take a look at the tub faucets, they're likely from a matched set and may have the mfgr name on them. As noted above, it probably does just unscrew. It is possible that there's enough gunk built up on the treads from hard water that it's pretty well "welded" in place and it can take some force to break it free. Try soaking in some sort of mineral-build-up remover. – FreeMan Jul 29 at 18:20
  • Do you know if you have copper plumbing? I know some spouts we sweated a nipple then cut to length after sliding the spout on the pipe. To measure how much two long it was. These did have a set screw but may have been removed for an earlier repair. If copper it may slide on and after years water deposits can make it tough, note those spigots pushed on hard and did not really need a screw except to keep them from getting bumped and turning so it could be really tight if it won’t unscrew counter wise rotation try working it back and forth while pulling out. – Ed Beal Jul 29 at 19:31
  • I can see Moen branding on both the faucet and shower head. Also edited the post to get a better image of a logo on the spout itself. Tried googling Moen logos and didn't see one that matches this spout, so I'm still not sure if it's part of a matching set or if perhaps the spout was from a different manufacturer. – pawooten Jul 29 at 19:51
  • @EdBeal I'm able to see it is indeed copper pipe. You are suggesting working the spout back and forth away from and towards the wall? – pawooten Jul 29 at 19:55

I ended up calling a plumber as I was getting outside of my personal comfort zone. It turns out this spout is sweated to a nipple as @EdBeal suggested. Thank you everyone for providing suggestions and helping me learn more about this.

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  • Can you expand this answer with some information about what the plumber did to remove the tub spout? Someone with a larger comfort zone might find this page later and the info would be helpful to them. ;) – Khrrck Jul 31 at 21:19

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