An existing building is to have the soffits corrected:

enter image description here

The correction is to remove the laterally installed soffits and replace them with radially installed soffits. Radial soffits are the first 75% from the left, laterals are the remaining 25%.

The middle of the photo (above right-side of ladder) shows a break between plastic and aluminum J-channel. It would be nice to use a single piece of J-channel.


When is it appropriate to use the plastic J-channel?  Aluminum J-Channel?

A decision must be made and I would like to understand the pros and cons each material in this application. Lesson-learned / landmines to avoid are appreciated. Thank you

  • It is really a preference thing. Plastic is cheaper and easier to cut , but may get broken where aluminum can get bent and costs more. I think primed aluminum holds house paint better than plastic. – Ed Beal Jul 23 '20 at 14:07

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