The only reason I am asking is because i used Durabond and getting the tape fully off of this small 6" section is going to likely damage the drywall. With 50 inside corners and a ton of butt seams i missed a few small blisters. Any advice?

I removed the tape from 1 blister and had to dig and scratch at it. Got the tape and then some. Wondering if a 2nd piece of small tape is OK. the air pocket would be gone of course


I like to get some mud under the tape, if not painted just cut it lay it back add mudd and put it in place and work it flat. If painted I use a big syringe and push some mud in there work it around and press the air out Ends up looking like a small nail hole but works really well when going in on a poorly done job that you don’t want to spend a lot fixing up.


For a section that short I wouldn't bother with tape. I usually make football-shaped cuts and peel out the loose area, then just skim. It's unlikely to crack with anything under 6 inches.

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