The ground wire is attached to my clothes dryer, but I don’t know where to attach the other end as it fell when I pulled dryer out—I don’t know where it fell off?!

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    Can you provide a few pictures of the back of the dryer and ground wire? – JACK Jul 12 at 23:31
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    Can you provide photos of the situation? Where on this planet are you, anyway? – ThreePhaseEel Jul 12 at 23:39

With grounding (and life) it depends. In the US, if it's a gas dryer you can get a ground clamp to the gas pipe connection. Assuming your home is properly grounded to the outlets, you can purchase a ground adapter for an outlet. The idea here is to dispell static buildup and provide an emergency path for electricity to take that isn't through you.

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    Using gas lines to ground an appliance violates the intent of NEC 250.52(B) and 250.104(B) as well as NEC 250.130(C) and 250.118 – ThreePhaseEel Jul 15 at 11:47

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