We have a nasty shower pan in our master bath that has been stained since we bought the house, i assume it is fiberglass.

No amount of cleaning and chemicals has been able to clear this thing up!

I know there are kits out there to redo showers, etc.

Since it works fine but looks bad, is there a smart way of refinishing it?

enter image description here

  • Have you dealt with removing the iron and/or manganese in the water that causes those stains? – Ecnerwal Jul 12 at 18:11

There are refinishing (paint-epoxy) products out there.

My suspicion is that you have not yet been aggressive enough with your cleaning. You need a good, aggressive cleaning product (like my preference, Comet cleanser) and a stiff bristle brush or coarse scouring pad. Combined with a lot of elbow grease, that pan will look much better (also all the grout lines too).

Note- the refinishing products out there will not work without the same type of aggressive cleaning first...

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