need help with wiring setup. Current setup

  • Gas furnace (heating, no cooling): standard four zone gas furnace setup with hot water circulator
  • 4 zones (3 wired, 1 wireless)
  • Setup: Honeywell THM5320R (single wireless) with Taco SR502 2 zone switching relay for hot water priority
  • THM5320 wiring was R(red)/C(blue) cables in power and white cable in Equipment (W O/B)
  • Switching relay connected to R/C Installed
  • HZ432 with Redlink adapter
  • connected zone 1 wireless to existing wireless thermostat
  • Connected switching relay to power R/C of HZ 432
  • Connected Zone wire R(red)/C(blue) and W1/E (white)

When thermostat is turned out, the zone comes on the panel, but the relay does not kick in and heat does not come on. Appreciate any heklp. Also, HZ 432 ask Purge override. Any way to turn that off?

Using the HZ432 panel to convert all 4 zones to wireless. This was the previous setup With a THM5320 panel(Pic). This was single zone wireless rest wired. The two wires one is coming from taco board and second a/blue is from the heating zone. Right now trying to get the previously wireless zone to work again with the HZ 432 panel

The link has pictures of current setup https://www.doityourself.com/forum/gas-oil-home-heating-furnaces/619036-installing-multi-zone-wireless-thermostats-hz432.html#post2850331

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