I have an old ceiling rose configuration and tried connecting a new chandelier 5 bulb style light but it keeps tripping the mains when I try to turn it on. The electrician I first had out said there was a fault with the new light so I got a new one. Same thing. I've put the ceiling rose configuration back and it works fine with a single bulb but not with the new light.

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  • "New ceiling light works does not work" I need help with that one. – Alaska Man Jul 11 at 19:46

Your new light probably has insufficient terminals and you're connecting wires which should not be connected, causing a dead short.

You need a 4-terminal ceiling rose or connection block: live (red, or brown); neutral (black, or blue); switched live (black with red marker); and earth (bare, sleeved green-yellow).

The earths should all go in the brass terminal to the top left - I can't see where they connect at all, they must not be left unconnected and pushed up into the ceiling - and the lives should be in the middle terminal marked Loop, not in a separate terminal.

Internal wiring of UK 4-terminal ceiling rose


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  • Thank you I will try that. – nads Jul 12 at 19:49
  • The earth was pushed up into ceiling by the electrician :/ eeek! I had earthed my light when I tried it but he didnt – nads Jul 12 at 19:49

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