I made the mistake of not wiring all 3 lights together, only two above the stairwell going to the basement and then a separate light in the basement. I'm hoping there is an easy wiring path to allow me to add the basement light at the end of run.

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    Can you provide a drawing of what you want to do and what you've got? – JACK Jul 8 at 22:23
  • Can you run a 14/2 from the stairwell light to the light in the basement? – JACK Jul 8 at 22:25
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    NOT enough information to provide an answer. – Alaska Man Jul 8 at 22:56
  • I have not done that if from the same panel / breaker , maybe could you provide your proposed schematic so we understand. – Ed Beal Jul 8 at 23:22
  • What wiring method are you using? Are you in a position where ripping out your existing work and replacing it is no longer an option? Also, which switch are you trying to power this from? – ThreePhaseEel Jul 9 at 1:39

If I understand you correctly you want to have 3 switches control several lights which land separately at the start and end of the switch run.

You can do that by using a 14/4 (if on 15A breaker, 12/4 if on 20A) to carry the neutral, travelers forward and switched live back.

That way you have a switched live at every location.

The other option is to split the light cluster and control them separately, but I'd need more detail to suggest a plan to do so.

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