I'm building a 4x8 henhouse with 5 foot high walls and I'm planning to use T1-11 siding. I could obviously buy 6 sheets of 4x8 T1-11 for the siding, but the total wall coverage is going to only be 30 square feet minus the door cutout. So I should be able to get away with using only 4 sheets of 4x8 T1-11 if I am able to stack multiple partial sheets to cover a 5 foot high wall. My question is whether it is possible to do so without the horizontal seams showing or excessive moisture coming in.

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    I know T1-11 is available in 9' sheets, It can be found in 10' lengths too. I have bought it from the local building supply, NOT the big box store. It will most likely be an order item – Jack Jul 7 at 16:48
  • If you can make all your cuts at an even height, you can run a simple piece of trim to hide the seam. – FreeMan Jul 7 at 18:08
  • @jack yes it can be purchased in 10’s it was not a special order for a shop I did for a friend a few years back. The extra cost per sheet would be worth in and not trying to scab together. – Ed Beal Jul 7 at 18:41

The reason you don’t see T1-11 scabbed in is because you have to use Z flange to keep moisture out. Z flange is a metal flange that mounts behind comes out and goes over the lower sheet in a z shape. This prevents water from getting in it will seal but is obvious.

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  • It's only obvious if you don't hid it behind a piece of trim! – FreeMan Jul 7 at 18:08
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    Trim over Z flash would be a disaster on t1-11 it would hold the moisture in the channels. – Ed Beal Jul 7 at 18:37

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