I am in the process of installing a shower filter, and am encountering a challenge where shower head and water pipe are not NPT.

The shower pipe has a slightly larger female "wrapper" (apologies as I lack the correct vocabulary. I am holding said "wrapper" in first pic, below. It attaches to an oversized male connector, which cannot allow me to attach the shower filter, see 2nd pic.

enter image description here enter image description here Two questions:

  • is there another less popular standard than NPT that some showerhead makers are using?

  • if so, do adaptors exist that would allow me to connect one to the other?


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In your first picture, you are looking at a ball-swivel assembly that is part of the previous shower head that was attached.

If you take a wrench to the flat spots on the swivel-ball base (clearly seen in your first picture) and unscrew the swivel-ball, that entire assembly will come off and you will be left with the standard 1/2" male NPT shower arm thread. NOTE- place a strap wrench or cushioned plier/wrench on the shower arm to hold it prior to attempting removal.

  • Thanks for the insights!
    – daspianist
    Jul 6, 2020 at 10:01

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