I have recently purchased a house built in 1931. It has a chimney that would be a great place for a tv mount. I want to mount on the opposite side of the fireplace - not above it.

I read recently that bricks and mortar commonly contained asbestos. Is there any way to know whether the mortar of this chimney is safe to drill? Or should I mount the tv somewhere else?

I also know the chimney needs a new flue. I’m sure the new flue won’t have asbestos but the flue there now is of unknown age so it might. Not sure if this changes anything since I’d be drilling the outside of the chimney.


  • It's amazing how many people hear the word asbestos, they get soooooo scared. Asbestos is dangerous to repeated exposure, that happens in the workplace. Go ahead and drill those few holes, you will be fine. – Gunner Jul 3 at 22:52

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