I'm getting ready to apply some vinyl siding to a new build, and the measurement between soffit and bottom lip of the OSB sheathing varies by 1/4" to 3/8". When I shot a "level line" across a few of the walls, and then measure up or down from that level line, again I can see that the wall itself basically grows and shrinks in height. I don't want my siding corners to not line up, but I also don't want my last course of siding to be wavy.

Should I set my starter strip measuring from the level line shot with a transit, or go off my OSB edge and then just make sure that X row of siding is the same distance to that line each row? I've found that the siding can fluctuate a good 1/4" just by how loose or tight it is and on temperature. I feel I am wasting time trying to find how to start this job and set the starter strips.

  • How level are the soffits? You might start out perfectly level at the bottom, then find out that the soffit has a 5° angle and the top looks wonky! That said, hang the starter strip level and at the lowest point. A 3/8" variation is really not too bad and you should be able to cover it with the height of the starter strip. – FreeMan Jul 1 at 16:42

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