When drilling your wire ways in the walls, what is the standard height in the horizontal height from the floor?

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There are no standard heights. We usually run them close to the height that the receptacles are to save wire many of the homes I have wired run from 8” to 24” with most 12-16” I like the taller ones because boring the holes through the studs is easier a little higher, just make you bore your hole in the center of the board so there is 1-1/4” or more to the edge or you will have to add nail plates.

  • Good mention of the hole in the center of the board..... +
    – JACK
    Jun 29, 2020 at 17:34

Most outlets are 16 to 18" above the floor and I usually run, drill, my cable about 6" above the top of the boxes. I know of no standard height on doing this. you could go below the outlets but that tough on the knees.

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