My kitchen currently does not have a kitchen hood, so I'm planning to install it. At the moment there is a ventilation duct, my idea is to connect the hood pipe to the ventilation pipe in the drop ceiling so I don't need ductwork on the exterior wall for the hood. Is this OK or there is the need for having two separate ducts?

enter image description here

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    When the hood fan would be on it would blow down into the ventilation duct and into the living space. I don't think you can join these. Is the ventilation duct to expel air from the living space or to bring fresh air in? – Jim Stewart Jun 27 at 12:04
  • The ventilation duct is to expel air from the kitchen space, it goes to the roof (top floor flat), that's why I thought it's possible to share the same duct. – Antonio Andrés Jun 27 at 12:41
  • Does the existing vent duct have a fan and if so is it at the bottom or at the top? – Jim Stewart Jun 27 at 15:47
  • It has a fan at the bottom (currently not working). – Antonio Andrés Jun 27 at 16:08
  • You would have to check with building management and building inspection. I would bet that you cannot have both. – Jim Stewart Jun 27 at 17:46

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