I have a 24v power supply attached to y and c on furnace terminal block with with regular y,w,r,g and what looks like a c wire to ac coming from inside furnace. I have a wire on y,w,g and 2 on r at thermostat.I'm guessing power supply was added to furnace to power digital thermostat I'm replacing. How do I install wifi thermostat correctly.

  • It may help to specify the furnace make & model as well as the thermostat make & model you're trying to connect. – FreeMan Jun 26 at 3:34
  • Can you post photos of the wiring at the furnace, as well as the furnace's wiring diagram? – ThreePhaseEel Jun 26 at 11:44
  • Goodman 92% high efficiency. Can't add photos here. If you want to post email I will send you photos of terminal block and thermostat. – Scott Jun 27 at 0:18
  • Honeywell 8400c to Honeywell rth6580wf – Scott Jun 27 at 0:24
  • Posted photos of terminal block/thermostat @StackOverflow twitter – Scott Jun 27 at 0:28

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