I'm thinking of cutting some thin aluminium sheet to make some covers. I dont have a saw or skill so as a temporary solution want to use scissors or another tool(I think there is a hand tool to cut thin metal, do you know what it is called).

Whether I go for the scissors or hand tool, what is the maximum thickness of aluminium I can expect it to cut?


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    Tin snips or a fret saw : try searching – Solar Mike Jun 21 at 20:26
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    try using scissors that you already have – jsotola Jun 21 at 20:58
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    The maximum thickness would depend on the pair of scissors. How would we know that? – JACK Jun 21 at 21:07
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    Scissors and metal shears tend to leave curved, sharp edges with slivers. I prefer sheet metal nibblers, e.g. amazon.com/Draper-Expert-250mm-Hand-Nibbler/dp/B0001K9TGU/… . The trick is that they remove a strip in the middle, so forces are uniform across the sheet. – DrMoishe Pippik Jun 21 at 23:53
  • offset aviation snips are also worth considering too (because your hand doesn't pass between the sharp edges) but if you're not in a hurry I guess the nibbler may be a cheaper option. – Jasen Jun 22 at 11:02

In my experience snips can cut upto 2mm thickness, scissors upto 0.5mm thickness aluminium.

Sheet metal has sharp edges, there is a risk of minor cuts.

The sharp edges can be dulled using a file, stone, or the back of a knife blade etc.

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